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Basic Logo Design

Basic Logo Design


Typography Style

  • 3 Design Concepts

  • 2 Revisions

Your organization’s name becomes your brand! The initials or letters of your organization's name is typeset using a stylish font, typeface, or calligraphy. Logo can include a symbol, icon, decorative ornament, or vector image.

Samples of Our Latest Basic Logo Designs:


Premium Logo Design

Premium Logo Design


Unlimited Creativity

  • 3 Design Concepts

  • 2 Revisions

Our Premium logos include a combination of flat colors, textures, gradients, images, symbols, icons, seals, and  badges. Includes enhanced features such as text-to-path, allowing text to follow the shape of the logo. 

Samples of Our Latest Premium Logo Designs:


Deluxe Ministry Seals

Deluxe Ministry Seals


Absolutely Stunning!

  • 3 Design Concepts

  • Up to 5 Revisions

Our Deluxe Ministry Seals boast our top of the line raised, beveled seals, crests, and badges finished in realistic textures of gold, silver, or bronze metals. Shapes, symbols, and emblems are carefully selected to reflect your specific office of authority and your ministry's divine calling.

Samples of Our Latest Deluxe Ministry Seals:

Because our Designs are Custom, you will be contacted following

your purchase to discuss the details of your design.

Standard of "Excellence"!

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